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(21-22) Once More Bravoure

too strong to divert
too weak to obey

Master dissertation studio, 2021-22, Ghent

– Bram Aerts – TRANS architectuur I stedenbouw
www.transarchitectuurstedenbouw.be / instagram: @transarchitectuurstedenbouw
– Jan BaesAE architecten
www.ae-architecten.be / instagram: @ae_architecten

studio theme

In Belgium, there are several buildings dating from the 60s and 70s, expressing brave ambitions, some with brutalist aspirations, some with latent modernist residue, that are entering a crucial phase in their excistence. They are often threatened by generic transformations only ensuring regulatory compliance or simply by demolition.

These buildings need a new start, not only making sure they can survive in a performance driven reality. There are also opportunities in their shaky status. Opportunities to devise a new spring that will bring about more fundamental changes than a performance upgrade or preservation of the status quo. Corrective action is needed to address their shortcomings.”

Read the full studio description here (pdf)