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Master of Architecture

Welcome on the blog of the (English taught) Master of Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture. With this blog we want to show and share the results of our education and nurture the process of coming-to-understand. You will find here news on events, calls, lectures related to the programme, but also the outcomes of our studios …

The design studio landscape is constructed out of 4 (+1) engagements: Urban Cultures, Craftsmanship, Legacy, Mediating Tactics and the Brussels Way. Every master studio is related to one of these engagements. Lectures and an exhibitions will be organised in the context of every engagement. These engagements are organized across our two campuses.

General info on the program and the engagements can be found on our faculty website. Check the acamedic calendar here.

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Graduation project 2012-2013 Hannes Van Damme

KU Leuven – Faculteit Architectuur Campus Sint-Lucas (LUCA) Masterproef AR Hannes Van Damme from KU Leuven Faculteit Architectuur on Vimeo.


Graduation project 2012-2013 Icham Hachib

KU Leuven – Faculteit Architectuur Campus Sint-Lucas (LUCA) Masterproef AR Icham Hachib from KU Leuven Faculteit Architectuur on Vimeo.


Call for Student participation Workshop in Barcelona (Jan-Fev 2014)

Streetscape Territories: Spaces of Inclusion Public Space as a tool for Social Cohesion and Diversity: a Multiple Reading of the Raval Neighbourhood, Barcelona, Spain. January 26st – Febrary 7nd 2014, Barcelona This International design workshop is based on a multiple approach to a particular “challenged” public space, trying to deal with its needed collective use […]


ATELIER ADDIS ABEBA: workshop and conferences (Nov 12-Nov 15)

Nov 12th-Nov 15th, campus Sint-Lucas Brussels Lectures on Tuesday and Wednesday Nov 12th-13th, 16h @ campus Sint-Lucas Brussels Final presentation of workshop outcomes and discussion on Friday Nov 15th, 2PM@ KUUMBA,Vlaams Afrikaans Huis, Vredestraat 35, 1050 Elsene http://www.kuumba.be/ info design studio: http://www.psaa2013.net/ info linked research project: www.streetscapeterritories.wordpress.com VERNACULAR URBANISM Ken De Cooman BC architects and […]


Lecture on Manuel de Solà-Morales: Works and Theory (30 Oct)

Kris Scheerlinck, Jens Aerts, Carles Crosas and Jorge Perea will lecture on Works and Theory of Manuel de Solà-Morales. When: 30 October 2013, 20h00 Where: SIAMU Auditorium (entrance through the gate in front of rue du Frontispice 39) Price: Free entrance, please make your reservation by mail to masterclass.archi@ulb.ac.be After the lecture: You are kindly […]


Conference Seungho Lee (28 Oct)

IA Matters presents a conference by strategic designer and researcher Seungho Lee. (28/10, Ghent) Read more.


Expo NY Gowanus workshop 27/9

We kindly invite all students to the opening of the exhibition about the NY Gowanus workshop, at which many of our students participated last summer. This will happen on Friday September 27th, at 5pm (campus Ghent, abdij, ground floor corridor). Feel free to pass by! Read more.


Video: Salon conversation Saskia Sassen

Watch the salon conversation with Anuschka Kutz and Saskia Sassen on 08/05/2018 Saskia Sassen is invited for a lecture at the Faculty of Architecture Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels on Tuesday May 8th, 2018. The lecture ‘Who Owns The City?‘ is part of the Spring Lecture Series ‘Pressures on the urban field: Ageing, Migration, Injustice’, curated and moderated by Anuschka […]


Public lecture by ANDREAS RUBY: The Audience of Architecture 22/04

Andreas Ruby will be giving the final talk at the ‘Enable Symposium’ (‘Enabling Citizens’), on Sunday 22nd of April. The keynote lecture is linked to the International Master’s Spring Lecture series titled ‘Pressures on the Urban Field: Ageing, Migration, Injustice’, curated and moderated by Anuschka Kutz. The lecture is public and admission is free but […]


Video: salon conversation and lecture by Suzanne Hall

Watch the lecture by Suzanne Hall below. (Lecture and conversation with Anuschka Kutz, 25 April 2017) Suzanne Hall is an urbanist, and has practised as an architect in South Africa. She is Director of the Cities Programme in the Department of Sociology and Senior Research Associate at LSE Cities. Her research and teaching interests are […]


Video: salon conversation and lecture by Deane Simpson

Watch the lecture by Deane Simpson below. (Lecture and conversation with Anuschka Kutz, 21 February 2017) Deane Simpson is an architect, urbanist and associate professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture. He is the author of Young-Old. Urban Utopias of an Ageing Society and co-editor of The City between Freedom […]


Video: Lecture by Anuschka Kutz

Watch the lecture by Anuschka Kutz on the Student Start Days for 1MA and 2MA, campus Sint-Lucas Brussels 22/09/15, 11h30:  ‘Ageing Societies, parallel worlds. The experiential realm of the used city of older people.’