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Masterdissertation projects 2019-2020

LAUREATE for Master of Architecture Ghent
Vincent Leonard MATZMORR: Unlocking Civic Potential in Ostend: The Europacentrum Case

LAUREATE for Master of Architecture Brussels
Iulia ILIE: Architectures of Transition


Studio maig42  – Tomas Ooms: Incipient Raum

Marta Gruca: About Blank

Marine Mamikonian: Architectural Documentary

Inhabiting Liminal Spaces: Bartek Grzesznik

Alberto Bovo: Liberated Spaces

Ying Zhao: On the making of home

Zuzanna Siedlecka: On Thresholding

Orcun Yazici: Redefining Boundaries

Alwies Vandaele: Shaping The Hidden

Leonie Van Bellingen: The Unexcavated

Vincent Matzmorr: Unlocking Civic Potential in Ostend – The Europacentrum Case

Felix Yuri Varaschini: Use in Decay, The illicit space of free time


Studio maib42 – Martine De Maeseneer

Alex Xueyan Feng: Law of multitude. Rebranding the Archived Narratives of Chicago Reflection paper

Amir Adibmanesh: Chicago City of Frames and Grids: Re-framing Reflection paper

Arora Ishita:“Changing Plans” Transformable capability for the future Reflection paper

Endri Berberi: Locus, dwelling and a virtual Archipelago in Chicago Reflection paper

Kunliang Cai: Mixed-functions-machine. A community driven by collaboration and innovation Reflection paper

Savic Tea: Capturing Nothingness – A conceptual speculation for Chicago Reflection paper

Yang Shize: Smooth City Chicago: Urban flexible modular design Reflection paper

You Xinzhu: Goose Island. A Farm-based Living Hub Reflection paper

Yuan Longfei: What ever Happened to Urbanism in Chicago? Rediscovery of the Possibility of Public Space in Chicago Reflection paper

Zhang Shu: Reshaping Public housing of Cabrini-green homes Reflection paper

Slavica Zlatkovska: Differe(a)nt realities Reflection paper