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Tanya Mangion ‘Uncover(ing) the Void’

Like shining a light into darkness, the spaces that once were full, are now devoid of matter.
Human has interfered and what is considered valuable is on the obvious trajectory to becoming, fulfilling its anthropocentric defined purpose.
The human is egoistic so to say, leaving nothing to rest, always searching for more.
If these spaces are now devoid of matter are they devoid of value too?
Or is the landscape more valuable with these scars of remnants past, offering new spatial opportunities.
What can occur in these newfound spaces?
Enter the space hackers.
Just like insects, the human is capable of infiltrating all the nooks and crannies it desires.
Fleeing from the social hierarchical confinements, spatial appropriation occurs.
In times of danger and need, refuge is sought in these forgotten voids shaped by human and appropriated by human once again.
The uncovering started off with an inherent interest in the undercuts that extraction and displacement of material leave behind.
Material is constantly required for the sake of progress, from the rare earth minerals in everyone’s mobile phone to construction materials that sustain the surge of growth around us. Emptied spaces just beneath our feet, the earth is more porous than we’d think.
Paris, New York and all the big cities transformed into Swiss cheese, void of material but now filled with fiction, explorers and refuge for those who seek it.
An exploration of the subsurface; the unseen layers beneath & around us.

/ conscious vs. unconscious

“what we consciously are able to experience (the surface of the earth) is a perception of reality that to us exists, the rest lies within the realm of the uncharted spatial subconscious… or the subsurface.”

Four steps sum up the exploration through voids as layers throughout the semester. Each uncovering released more void, resulting in the application of more media to be able to explore further.
1. The making of a void
2. The structure of a void
3. The appropriation of a void
4. Further support required

The situational site harbours a collection of man made spaces constructed from documented explorations and written accounts of both requested or unrequested confrontations.

One minute site

Project presentation

Project book

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