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Minne De Meyer Engelbeen ‘DOMUS (what’s in a name?)’

A newly written text based on fragments out of a text I wrote for SALON last semester, for it’s still relevant (meaning, we’re still in a lockdown-stage).

While reading Alice in Wonderland, a pocket book by Lewis Carroll, I came across this fragment where Alice is falling through the rabbit hole and she’s thinking of all sorts of silliness; classic Alice. The silliness forms Wonderland and after wondering around in Wonderland for an unknown time she’s sick of it (even though she’s making it all up herself). She just wants to go home and drink tea with her cat, Dina.

While Alice is falling down, her priority lays not with the falling down, maybe falling down isn’t that bad when it looks like there is no bottom, but with formulating her o so daily wonderings. Alice could therefore possibly be an architecture student, (not) questioning what doesn’t need to be – or, absolutely, has to be – questioned. Alice could be me. Questioning domesticity (originated from the Latin word ‘domus’ – meaning house/home -) and all the elements linked to it. Elements not directly linked to architecture, while (most of the time) only been seen in a domestic architectural context. I keep on wondering if it’s me going mad in this quarantine, or if I just want to examine my own surroundings in this mad time that we’re living in. Question these surroundings, take them out of their context and give them more value then I normally would in normal times.

There is a lot more to wonder about, so go ahead and wonder, draw and express yourself! While I’m going to be sick of it in the end and I’m going to leave it when the semester is done.

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