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Vanda Vybohova ‘Street Screen’


A barrier consisting of a rail and supports.

A simple structural element, mostly seen as a half wall. Extremely functional, needed, required. Our safety net.

How silly of me hoping to find its redundant nature this October. An impossible task I created for myself.

We all have already seen one railing. We know the drill already very well.

Always be careful, preferably don´t run around.

Railings come in all different forms. It might be massive, thin, heigh, bright, ornamental…

By its appearance, it alarms us in advance that there is something going on.

There might be a big gap behind, a hole, a possible danger of falling. There is a second and different space to the one we are walking ON right now.

We unconsciously start to predict possible spaces hiding behind the railing on our horizon.

We unconsciously start to create a new mind cloud, a map a vision of what is waiting there, but we can not know for sure what exactly to expect.

We have to approach, stop and have a look around. Or not even stopping. It is fine to continue walking. One hand on a railing one in a pocket. Eyes are no longer on my feet.

This was Belgium, Gent. My temporary home. I am still a tourist in these streets. This úlace is my exterior.

Returning home to Slovakia, I am starting to explore my inside. Places I know by heart, even with a blindfold on my eyes. After a while of my absence here, it is nice to have the same old tour guide as I had as a child here

Because I might have forgotten something I have to revisit.

Again, one hand on a railing, one in a pocket.

My eyes are browsing the sky or a ceiling. Checking what is going on, on the other site. There might be a river below, or a second floor, lots of flowers, maybe a strange – see-through mechanics of an old elevator. The wide hall of a railway station.

Again the river, but this time with a boat. Or nothing particular…

Railing- the distorted window frame laid down in a line, not framing just one view, but millions of them at once.

All of them connected together.

One big trajectory, our guideline.

One big window frame.

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