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Hana Khurshid ‘Concluding Typologies’

Concluding Typologies

Hana Khurshid

Architecture can be looked at as a relational environment, where Architecture can start taking meaning due to its relationship to its various elements in space. Distance, rhythm, point of view, time all come into play.

Architecture tends to have the power to dictate, move the user, make them curious, question, and create an impact. The purpose of this project is to study the uncanny, mysterious nature of Architecture, typically displayed in movies of David Lynch and Starley Kubrick, to create architectural spaces that cause one to question and explore, where the space transforms constantly with light. Architecture starts to become so powerful that it starts to overpower space, with movement through light and shadows that constantly change throughout the day. Architecture, being the protagonist, that leaves room for speculation to happen.

This project investigates corridors and how they unravel into new spaces, new corridors, deconstructing and reconstructing the notion of a corridor and its linearity, which can give a feeling of mystery, curiosity, discovery. Even though linear in nature, it can be altered with angles, shadows, colours, shapes, scale, leading the viewer from one space to another, allowing a performance of spaces start to arise.

Architecture starts to dictate, and makes you feel a certain way. Everything secret or hidden, comes to the open. Rough surfaces, massive forms, unusual shapes, exposed structure. The way we move through space, lighting, architecture elements, colour, sound, come together to give a sensory perception to space.

In all the spaces created, we see an element which is otherwise hidden, time. With the movement of light, you have an idea of the outside, the time of day. Each space leaves you curious, leading you to the next, creating a performance of spaces. 

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