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(19-20) Campus City Brussels

Tutor: Petra Pferdmenges
Academic year 2019-20, semester 2, Brussels
Engagement: Urban Cultures


Master Studio Brussels

CAMPUS CITY BRUSSELS focuses upon designing strategies to embed our university within the socio-spatial context of Schaerbeek. As an academic practice we will develop an urban transition from today (1:1 urban interventions) up to the future (1:5000 urban vision). The studio is strongly based upon the ongoing CAMPUS 1030 project of the region of Brussels & the Municipality of Schaerbeek. We will work in close collaboration with the local NGO RENOVAS that is coordinating the project.



As the Studio takes place in the MEUROP building – the core of the site within a larger urban context of Schaerbeek – we will work from within the site of investigation. We will do walks & observations in the neighbourhood and engage with local actors on a weekly base. This will allow us to embed ourselves within the socio-spatial context of the site.



We will expand our presence in the public space through designing and setting-up urban actions at scale 1:1. This will enable us to reveal needs & desires of local actors and to generate impact upon the neighbourhood – starting from today! Is it possible to attract public attention through 1:1 urban actions, generating impact beyond the ephemeral?


To design the change over time, we will use film throughout the semester. The film includes mapping the history of the site, the existing situation, recording interviews and designing visions on multiple scales. It will also be a tool to document the 1:1 urban actions. The film will be a crucial output of the studio, tracing the process of the studio as well as communicating the design of the urban transformation from today to the future.



We will work collectively as an academic practice – while each student will have his / her own responsibility & contribution to the overall output. As such you will learn about how to embed your own expertise within a larger project & vision. Through our collective intelligence we will reveal how to celebrate our school within a larger vision for the CAMPUS CITY BRUSSELS!