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Book: Architecture’s Afterlife. The Multisector Impact of an Architecture Degree

By Michela Barosio, Dag Boutsen, Andrea Čeko, Haydée De Loof, Johan De Walsche, Santiago Gomes, Harriet Harriss, Roberta Marcaccio, Mia Roth-Čerina, Carla Sentieri, Neal Sashore, Federica Vannucchi, Hanne Van Reusel.

The book examines why almost 40% of European architecture graduates don’t choose to work as architects, maps the sectors to which they migrate, and defines their impact within these sectors.
Its findings have significant implications for understanding and facilitating the cross-sectoral mobility of graduates from all disciplines – not just architecture. Architecture’s Afterlife also provides a roadmap for increasing graduate employment, addressing skills shortages across all sectors, and adapting curricula to rapidly changing professional landscapes in the face of climate change and societal upheaval.

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