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Liu Lunhai and Wang Yukai receive a special mention in the PRIMA 2024 competition.

The 5th edition of the PRIMA contest has been extremely successful in terms of participation and quality with more than 180 participants and many inspiring submissions by students and universities from France, Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Sweden.

The Groupe CB company has decided to create an art and architectural park on the site of the amazing quarry site of Ferques, near Calais, in the North of France. The goal is to offer the opportunity for up to 3 winning candidates to produce micro-architectural works for permanent display at the site of the Carrières du Boulonnais quarry.

Students Liu Lunhai and Wang Yukai (Faculty of Architecture, Master of Architecture) received a Special Mention of the Jury for their project Memorial of Nature. Learn more (pdf).
Learn more on the laureates and shortlisted projects here.

The 6th edition of the PRIMA competition will be launched in October 2024.