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Sofa Talk with Jim Segers CityMine(d) 17/05/24

Join us in the sofa-talk with Jim Seghers, co-founder of CityMine(d). We will talk about the work ‘La Pile’, it deals with the hard work of creating local energy communities in Brussels. The work raises awareness among lay people about the invisible thing of energy. The pioneering work challenges corporate interests and delves into complex legislation. We want to discuss with Jim how the commoning of energy fosters a new urbanism of the Anthropocene. But we should also look back at the long history of CityMine(d). Founded in 1997, the organization is rooted in direct action in Brussels and elsewhere.

DATE Friday 17 May 2024, 5:30 pm
MEETING POINT Paleizenstraat 65, 1030 Brussels, at the bar

The visit is part of the Architecture & Activism seminar organized by Gideon Boie and Lieven De Cauter.


Poster by @mlkab