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Sofa Talk with Amanda Grzyb and Harold Fallon 20/03 + call for participation Teach-In

Next guests on the sofa are Amanda Grzyb and Harold Fallon. They worked together on the memorial site for the Rio Sumpul Massacre. The event on 14 May 1980 was one of the instigating moments for the civil war in El Salvador. The design of the memorial was a collaborative effort by different universities, architects, and local artists. The talk on the Rio Sumpul Massacre Memorial will allow us to learn more about the relation of architecture with processes of war commemoration and social justice, and perhaps also about the role of architecture in relation to war, state violence and genocide.

Amanda Grzyb is affiliated with the Western University’s Faculty of Information and Media Studies (Ontario) and director of the ‘Surviving Memory in Postwar El Salvador’ project.

Harold Fallon is partner at AGWA and affiliated with the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture.

20 March 2024, 18:00, at the bar in Meurop, Paleizenstraat 65, 1030 Schaarbeek

Call For Participation: All students and teachers are very welcome to join and support in the NOT A UNI Teach-In, which starts in continuation after the Sofa Talk. Everyone is invited to present their project, research, work, interests, ideas and so on – the format will as usual: no “prepared” lecture, but an open discussion! For more details and the program, check out the flyer

You can learn more about the Rio Sumpul Massacre Memorial at the exhibition running from 6 until 29 March in KADOC (Leuven).