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Atelier As Found, student expo VAi in deSingel, 6-17/03/24

Studio Structural Contingencies from the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture exhibits student work in ATELIER AS FOUND of the Vai in deSingel, alongside work from students of UHasselt, UAntwerpen, UGent and VUB. 

The opening is March 5, with a lecture by Emily Wickham of Assemble.

Expo dates: March 6 – 17, 2024.

The KU Leuven research group and Master studios Structural Contingencies are all about creative readings of historical and spatial layers in a building, as fuel for explorative reconversion strategies. The research approaches architectural culture through the unfolding of the genealogy of its buildings: through the relation between the design process, its tools, and methods, and the buildings it produces. By studying the built past with a focus on spatial, material, and structural systematics, the research projects enable an attitude of resilience towards the future, from urban interventions to reuse and conversion. SC combines fundamental research with more operative and ahistorical techniques such as deep reading, redrawing, and rewriting.

An intrinsic part of shaping the SC approach is the explorative research into specific historical buildings, conducted by the students within the Structural Contingencies master design studios. Through the analysis of specific historical artifacts, urbanisms, and atmospheres, and through processes of abstraction and superposition in time, the students aim to create layered and critical contingencies for the current design practice. The dissection through drawing hovers between the intentions of architecture and personal close readings. Simultaneously, the students experiment with this mono-referential research within a series of collective/individual projects, thus exploring the architectural potential of transformation as a foundation for designing large-scale construction projects. This creative design approach broadens the boundaries of the initial analysis, opening up to other readings than the mere historical or theoretical. Here are some selected works of these analytical processes of abstraction and superposition, unfolding how they operate through the creativity of the studio work.


Studio mentors (2017-2024): Caroline Voet, Eireen Schreurs, Mechthild Stuhlmacher, Hera Van Sande, Klaas Goris, Laura Lievevrouw, Tom Thys, Wim Goes

Image: Studio Structural Contingencies, Faculty of Architecture, KU Leuven, reconversion of Stynen’s C&A warehouse into a school, Namur, student Brecht Cornelli, tutors Caroline Voet and Eireen Schreurs, 2020-2021.