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Sofa Talk with Nikolaus Hirsch 6/03/24

Nikolaus Hirsch is architect, curator, and author. He is founder of the E-flux architecture, former director of Portikus in Frankfurt and author/editor of many books. Since 2020, Nikolaus Hirsch is director of CIVA, our beloved information centre for architecture, landscape, and urbanism in Brussels. In a short period CIVA became the heart of the architecture debate with several exhibitions that provides an overview on urgent political issues, such as POWER (on energy infrastructures in the Anthropocene), Style Congo (on de/colonizing architecture), and Sick Architecture (on design as prevention and/or cause of illness). Each time the exhibition features an intense discursive program on the topic. The tone was set with Institution Building, it was an ever-growing showcase for architecture culture in different chapters. In the talk with Nikolaus Hirsch, we will look back into the exhibitions to discuss how architecture can deal with politics and provide lessons in urgency.

Wednesday 6/03/24, 6pm
Paleizenstraat 65, 1030 Brussel
Everyone is welcome!