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A guided walk by Stéphane Damsin 16/02/24

The next series of talks and walks on architecture and activism kicks off coming Friday Feb. 16, 5 pm. We will discuss with Stéphane Damsin (Ouest architecs) the history of Recyclart while revisiting the Kappellekerk station. Recyclart was labelled by Isabelle Doucet as an episode of interstitial activism, operating in the rupture lines of the city, not only in geographical but also institutional terms. Looking back in the history of Recyclart at Kappellekerk station allows us to reconnect the lines of Les Brigittines and skatepark with the recent opening of the prizewinning Brigittinenpark and the redistribution of the Kappellestraat, part of Goodmove. You are welcome to join the walk.

Friday 16 February 2024, 17:00, meeting at the Kappellekerk station, Ursulinenstraat 25, 1000 Brussels.

The sofa talk is part of the Architecture & Activism seminar (KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture) organized by Gideon Boie en Lieven De Cauter.

Poster by Melika Baghban Anbarani