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Luma project by BC architects & studies and Assemble Studio selected in The Guardian’s Best Architecture of 2023.

On May 27, 2023, the LUMA Arles cultural center in Arles, France inaugurated the opening of a new workspace for its research and design laboratory, Atelier LUMA.

BC architects & studies and Assemble Studio uplifted and transformed Le Magasin Électrique, a historical building in the Parc des Ateliers, into an experimental hub, using algae, salt, and bioplastics. The building welcomes the public and professionals alike through visits, conferences, projections, and workshops.

BC is BC architects & studies & materials. BC stands for Brussels Cooperation and points to how BC grew – embedded within place and people. It was founded by alumni Ken De Cooman, Laurens Bekemans, Nicolas Coeckelberghs and Wes Degreef.