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Expo / REVELATIONS: WICKED HOME – Drongenhofkapel 30/09

Drawing by Jo(han) Liekens: “S for Soil Times” in the Drongenhofkapel

We hereby invite you to REVELATIONS: WICKED HOME, the closing exhibition of THE WICKED HOME Academic Design Office, at the exquisite Drongenhofkapel in Ghent on 30 September 2022.

The Wicked Home has been an interdisciplinary research environment that examined the irreducible complexity of forms of (in)habitation between human and more-than-human agencies.

It also took the form of six studios between 2019-2022, involving Masters (interior) architecture students.

The exhibition REVELATIONS (read more) shows a selection of student’s work and “S for Soil Times”, a reforesting and composting tower under construction and part of the research project “Twenty-six Toilets to Re-figure Inhabitation”.

With work of Przemysław Jan Godlewski, Tuur Demaegdt, Laurens Decoster, Liese Mortreu, Ar-tit Marksholm, Manon Huyzentruyt, Manou van den Eynde & Jade Goossens.

The exhibition takes place 11.00-19.00h on 30 September 2022. Due to the presence of fragile artwork visiting the chapel and exhibition will be organised in small groups. Registration is required.

We are looking forward to welcome you at Drongenhofkapel, Drongenhof 15, 9000 Gent.

Jo – Annelies – Nel – Rachel – Rolf – Laurens