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Final review: studio NL-B: Borders Under Transformation 24/05

Dr. Caroline Newton & Dr. Cecilia Chiappini invite you to attend the review of the maib24 design studio NL-B: Borders Under Transformation (Hypertransformations thematic series, part of the Urban Cultures Engagement)

KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels
24/05/2022, 10-18:30h.
Paleizenstraat 65-67, 1030 Brussel – Room A14 & Zoom:

Session 1: 10-12h. Jury: Alankrita Sarkar – Deltrametropool, The Netherlands
1. Laura Hogea: Green Corridors and High Voltage Lines
2. Corinne Wyss: Circular Cities
3. Václav Heginger: Green Enfi lade
4. Monica Roland: Bike Corridors
12-12:30h: Coff ee Break

Session 2: 12:30-13:30h. Jury: Dr. Cecilia Braun – Braun Urban, Germany
5. Poorya Eghtesadi & Niklas Benjamin Michels: Natural Hypertransformation
6. Jingwen Luo: New Water Corridors
7. Víctor Manuel López Turcios: Disruptive Rhythms

13:30-14:30h: Lunch Break

Session 3: 15:00-17:30h. Juries: Felipe Chaves Gonzalez & Sarantis Georgiou BUUR Part of Sweco, Belgium
8. Aleksandar Pilyov: Transit Housing
9. Ichrake Jabbouri & Thomas Desmet: Qualitative Aff ordable Housing
10. Daniel Sucka: Exploring Silence
11. Petr Lindauer: The Backbone of the City
12. Yosra Bouhlal: Urban Nature
13. Pavitra Selvan: Growing with nature
14. Ni Zhan: The Bridge
15. Mahtab Moradi: In-Between Countries

17:30-18:30h: Drinks

Detailed programme here (pdf)