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Going Public lecture by Fuminori Nousaku 5/05

Tomas Ooms, Johannes Berry and Steven Schenk present a lecture in the Craftsmanship engagement by FUMINORI NOUSAKU:

‘Wild Ecology’

Thursday 5 May 2022, 5.30PM
Online on Zoom, please register via https://bit.ly/fuminorinousaku

After the industrial revolution our lives have become dependent on industrial products, and the raw materials and processing processes of these materials are black boxes. Many of these materials are hard to return to the soil, such as plastics and concrete. In this age of climate crisis, we must reconfigure our lives of mass consumption. Our architectural practice begins with rethinking the resources of architecture and the way to make it. Instead of scrap-and-build, we reclaim vacant houses and reuse waste materials. We utilize natural resources such as the sun, soil, and water, and use materials that are easily returned to the soil. It is an attempt to create a self-sustaining ecological cycle in the city with our wild senses.

Fuminori Nousaku is a Japanese architect based in Tokyo and is currently teaching at Tokyo Metropolitan University. He was born in Toyama, Japan in 1982, graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2005 and received a Master’s Degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2007. He established Fuminori Nousaku Architects in 2010 and received an Engineering Doctorate degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2012.