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Expo ‘Red Luxembourg’ > 20/05

RED LUXEMBOURG, consisting of an exhibition and a book, addresses two issues, Proximity to Nature and Affordable Housing; subjects that have been at the core of the history of urbanism and architecture and have evolved into commonplaces of political and promotional discourse.

The south of Luxembourg and the adjacent territory of the north of Lorraine are characterized by large post-industrial zones where a specific kind of nature has taken over. Within the context of strong economical and demographical growth and the related lack of affordable housing, these urban sites are the subject of imposing projects for new neighborhoods. How can these wastelands, which are destined to play a crucial role in the future of the territory, be mobilized as generous, architecturally exciting and equitable environments?

Starting from the high probability of the redevelopment of these sites, RED LUXEMBOURG makes a proactive proposition: a new spatial strategy aiming to reshuffle ecological, social and economic stakes in order to feed into upcoming political debates on the future of the territory.

Read more on https://www.kulturfabrik.lu/event/red-luxembourg

Curatorial and editorial team:
Arch. Peter Swinnen (CRIT. architects, Uni.Lu) (KU Leuven)
Dr. ir.-arch. David Peleman (Uni.Lu)
Arch. Nathan Heindrichs (CRIT. architects)
Ir.-arch. Beatriz Van Houtte Alonso (CRIT. architects)

Experts, authors and interviewees:
Tom Becker
Prof. Pascal De Decker (KU Leuven)
Prof. Matthew Gandy
Prof. Markus Hesse
Dr. Sandra Jasper
Dr. Germain Meulemans
Architecte paysagiste Jan Minne
Prof. arch. Jan Moens
Prof. Erik Swyngedouw