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AA visiting school workshop / Think Tank Throwaway Series1 14-25/07/21

The AA Visiting School courses and workshops are built around agenda-driven project briefs that are pursued and shaped by students working intensively in small groups led by AA tutors. Central to each is the idea that experimental, new and provocative forms of architecture are best learned by doing.

The AA Visiting School, the AAVS Think Tank (in collaboration with IUAV), is a theory-based research platform which acts as an itinerant ‘think tank’ and will be carrying out terminological investigations, where a specific term will be reframed and re-read in different socio-political, geographical, and cultural contexts. This summer, they contextualize the term throwaway, in Venice.

The workshop is open to architecture students, as well as to those studying humanities, philosophy, material and cultural studies. Three years of advanced education is required. PhD candidates and young professionals interested in theoretical research are welcome.

As part of the launch, a 15% fee reduction is offered to the first 5 applicants. Read more in the Q&A.
The deadline for applications is: 15 June 2021

Programme Heads: Rebecca Carrai (KU Leuven), Aylin Gürel, Frédérique Paraskevas
Programme Coordinators: Jacopo Galli (IUAV), Elena Longhin (IUAV)

Venice, 14 July-25 July 2021

W: https://www.aaschool.ac.uk/academicprogrammes/visitingschool/thinktank
I: https://www.instagram.com/aavsthinktank/