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Online lecture by Hélène Frichot 21/10

We invite you to join our GOING PUBLIC (online) lecture #14, part of the Mediating Tactics engagement curated by Thierry Berlemont:

‘Creative Ecologies: Architectural Surveying, Gleaning, and Thinking

Wednesday 21/10/2020, 12h30 – 14.00 on ZOOM.

Everyone is welcome to join! We ask for everyone (visitors and participating students/lecturers of the Faculty of Architecture) to register here and receive a zoom link.



This lecture draws on some of the speculative feminist gestures discussed in Creative Ecologies: Theorising the Practice of Architecture (2018) and How to Make Yourself a Feminist Design Power Tool (2016). The gestures of surveying, gleaning, and thinking, for instance, all describe material processes of making do, of following the materials of our environment-worlds. Entangled as we are in the midst of concatenating planetary crises, what everyday tactics of coping can we collaboratively foster as design thinkers and doers? Rather than seeking neat solutions, the challenge, as Donna Haraway and other thinkers for the environment have argued, is how to ‘stay with the trouble’ to live as best we can, to make do.

The GOING PUBLIC program of the Faculty of Architecture is a series of lectures, exhibitions and publications organized throughout the year highlighting certain themes and topics that are important within each of the 4+1 Engagements: Urban Cultures, Mediating Tactics, Craftsmanship, Legacy and The Brussels Way.