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GOING PUBLIC lecture #4 / Colin Ripley: The thief in the House of Architecture 19/02

We invite you to attend the fourth lecture in our GOING PUBLIC series, part of the URBAN CULTURES engagement, curated by Martino Tattara.

Colin Ripley
‘The thief in the House of Architecture’

Wednesday 19/02/2020, 18h30, auditorium
Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels
Paleizenstraat 65-67, 1030 Brussels

The thief walks silently up to the door and sets his bag on the ground. I see his hand caress the white pilotis as he walks past them, I feel his heart beating in the ecstasy of the act. He opens his bag and takes out his pick. Gently, but with strength, he penetrates the keyhole. The house starts to moan, silently to itself, but I can hear it, and he can too. With expert fingers he caresses the pick in the lock until the door comes open, and the first penetration is echoed by a second, as the thief enters the house: the house of architecture.

Colin Ripley is a Professor in and Past Chair of the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. He is also a director of RVTR (www.rvtr.com), which operates simultaneously as a professional architectural practice and as an academic research platform with studios in Toronto and in Ann Arbor, Michigan. RVTR has been extensively published and the winner of a number of major awards, including the 2009 Professional Prix de Rome in Architecture. Colin Ripley is currently working on a doctorate in Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought at the European Graduate School. He is author or editor of several books about architecture as well as journal papers on a wide range of topics, including megaregional urbanism, responsive envelope systems, sonic architecture, Canadian modern architecture, and the modern concept of the house as understood through the writings of Jean Genet.

The GOING PUBLIC program of the Faculty of Architecture is a series of lectures, exhibitions and publications organized throughout the year highlighting certain themes and topics that are important within each of the 4+1 Engagements: Urban Cultures, Mediating Tactics, Craftsmanship, Legacy and the Brussels Way.


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