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La Cueillette / The Gathering


Mining opportunities in and around the city to re-purpose (or re-orient?) materials, contexts and conditions to reflect upon contemporary design practices and processes.


Tomas Ooms, Robin Schaeverbeke


Towards an Integrated Knowledge Model for Designing?

The La Cueillette/ The Gathering studio is set up as a miniature design studio to explore changing attitudes and responsibilities for present day design practices in an age of climate change and data simulation. The La Cueillette/ The Gathering studio will inquire limits and boundaries of architectural practices, looking for alternative models for design, learning and their means of production.

The output of the studio is a design proposal for the re-conversion of an existing space/place on the verge of being a monument. The La Cueillette/ The Gathering studio intends to mine opportunities in and around the city to re-purpose materials, contexts and conditions. Think of minimal uses of materials; re-using/re-purposing (available) materials, building elements and even buildings in unexpected ways; integration of climate, energy, acoustics; the maximisation and actualisations of spatial qualities amongst other parameters – these will be pivotal elements in the final design proposals.

Central to the La Cueillette/ The Gathering studio is the idea of integrated practice – implying that different stakeholders collaborate to arrive at a more profound model or proposal. The concept of integrated practice doubles as a metaphor to inquire Building Information Modelling beyond its interpretation as a purely technical planning and building tool. In the La Cueillette/ The Gathering studio we intend to turn things inside out to investigate the thinking behind the application for its generative and imaginative possibilities as opposed to being tyrannised by the protocols the technology seems to put upon us. We are curious to discover ways in which an integrated approach can bring about unexpected representations and surprising design gestures.

The La Cueillette/ The Gathering studio aims to study contemporary design issues from multiple points of view. As a member of a community of practitioners you will be provided the space to develop personal strategies to collectively investigate Building Information Modelling in design processes. The studio will collaboratively explore and resolve design paradoxes and conflicting views using a combination of physical models, extended drawings, design-based artefacts, and data simulation each expressing a unique quality or property of the intended proposal clearly relating to the data.

The La Cueillette/ The Gathering Studio is supported by input lectures, site visits, excursions and conferences. The reviews are organised as Integrated Practice and the studio is concluded with a bespoke symposium. The output of the design studio focuses on the creative development of four documents: (1) an augmented physical model, (2) an extended drawing, (3) a tactile data sheet and (4) an annotated abstract.

The La Cueillette/ The Gathering Studio is an outlet of the ReVamp AOB Design Studio led by Tomas Ooms and Robin Schaeverbeke.

Key Words:

Integrated Practice; Representation; BIM; abuse; (to) Model (verb + noun), Re-Use, Harvesting

Data x Simulation X Creativity x Imagination x Knowledge x Design


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