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Online exhibition: FACTURE – Curating Craftsmanship 12/05-12-06

Curating Craftsmanship

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LAUNCH:  Tuesday 12 May 2020
FINISSAGE: Friday 12 June 2020, 5.30 PM

Please register on https://facture.eventbrite.nl in order to receive the link for the closing event

‘Facture’ is the act, process or manner of making. It is used to indicate someone’s (the artist, the craftsman, the architect) hand in handling a medium, a material. It is the recognisable way of drawing a line, making a collage, constructing a coherent and relevant discourse, designing a detail, making a model…
The ‘Facture’ exhibition brings together a selection of studio work from the design studios that form the Craftsmanship engagement at the Faculty of Architecture.

The Craftsmanship engagement of the faculty of architecture KU Leuven explores the craft of architecture as a conglomerate, a set, composed of different practices each with a certain intent and affect. And more specifically to reflect on how these practices are addressing this shift from object-based to information based culture.

Facture’ displays architectural artefacts like drawings, models, diagrams and simulations as the driving force of a design process. At the same time, it highlights how personality is maintained throughout the studio. Looking at ‘Facture’ implies looking at the process of making…

This online collection or virtual ‘Wunderkammer’ is developed as an alternative for the exhibition that was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this sense, it misses the physical proximity and impact of the selected models and drawings. Capturing that directness to bring it to a digital media like the current one, is a particular practice in itself. Maybe this is the topic for the next Curating Craftsmanship exhibition…
Nevertheless, we hope that this collection of student work lifts your spirit, stimulates your thinking and engages you towards making (something).

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