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Online discussion / Learning from Modern Movement Interiors in Times of Pandemic 27/03

Contribution to the open discussion Modernism Frozen. Urbanism and Architecture under/after Covid-19
Learning from Modern Movement Interiors in Times of Pandemic.
by the Specialist Committee on Interior Design of Docomomo International

Join the online discussion at Zoom (registration not required):
Sat. 27 March 2021, 13h00
ID: 883 4446 5336
Passcode: 136039

When in 2020 the magnitude of the virus outbreak became clear the interior architecture magazine Inner: the interior architecture magazine immediately launched a call for papers on the topic of living in times of pandemic, arguing that the new condition may have come to stay in our daily lives, – to some degree at least. According to Inner, a number of themes concerning this new condition and its relation to interiors therefore needs to be examined: space and multifunctionality, smart working, new duties such as home schooling and fitness, outdoor activities entering the home, the challenges of the smart interior, and how the public interior reacts to social distancing1. From the perspective of the Docomomo International Specialist Committee on Interior Design it seems extremely relevant to consider these issues with reference to the Modern Movement. We thereby propose to focus on ‘interior qualities’ in the sense of all qualities related or close to the body – whether indoor or outdoor –, thus avoiding the narrow interpretation of the interior.

Panelists and Topics:

– Deniz Hasirci (Izmir University of Economics, Docomomo-interior-Turkey):
Interior Hygiene: Body and Space in the Modernist Turkish Context

– Milena Kordic (University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture, Serbia)
Body and distance: learning connectedness and belonging from the modern movement legacy under socialism

– Mariël Polman (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands)
Modernism and Colour: mental health in thought and practice

– Marta Peixoto (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul UFRGS, Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Changing to the past: multifunctional spaces and privacy in post-war modernist apartments in Sao Paulo

ModeratorZsuzsanna Böröcz (ISC-ID Docomomo International, KULeuven, University of Antwerp)

Introduction: Takayuki Suzuki (Wuhan University, China)

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