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(20-21) Drawing Architecture, manoeuvring between Factual Inevitabilities and Fictional Urgencies

Drawing Architecture, manoeuvring between
Factual Inevitabilities and Fictional Urgencies (ENG+NL)


Master Dissertation studio, academic year 2020-21 —Brussels
Engagement: Mediating Tactics
Tutor: Riet Eeckhout

This Master Dissertation studio is part of AOB Drawing Architecture (Arnaud Hendrickx and Riet Eeckhout) interested in the agency of drawing in the production of space and thoughts, resident in the research group Radical Materiality.  The design strategies crystallised in this thesis studio have been developed over the past 4 years in master studio’s Manufactured Urgencies and Drawing Architecture I & II in collaboration with Mira Sanders, Arnaud Hendrickx, Bart Hollanders and Thomas Nollet.

The agency of (multi-medial) drawing and film making in the production of spatial ideas and how we explore the changing form in which these ideas present themselves is what informs the way we conceive and produce architecture in this studio.

Central here is a strongly directed production process, the intense process of the making of things, guiding the individual student step by step in de complexity and internal logic of spatial design and architectural thinking.

Towards relational thinking in space making and away from object and component directed perception of space, this studio methodically structures the production of space and thought in relation to time, durational aspects relevant to the subject.

The relationship between time and space is essential in the understanding architecture and the way it moves us.  Time, the 4th dimension, is conditional in the experience of architectural space, and makes it possible to be immersed by the quality presented by a build or drawn environment.  In an attempt to come closer to the experiential nature of space during the conception and forming of architectural space, we involve time based media (film) in de production of architecture.  Moving image, at 24 frames a second, surrenders a complexity of sit(e)uational information surpassing commodified first glance understandings of our environment.  It allows for subjects interest to unfold and develop resolution informing ambience, impetus and other essential bases of an architectural environment.

Factual Inevitabilities and Fictional Urgencies.
Drawing Architecture studio employs design methodologies with multi-medial drawing and film making to observe and respond to situational events. We investigate an architecture of expression and spatial articulation within durational experience (time). Shedding the burdens of architecture as commodity, formalised through programme and commercial speculation, we venture into a spatial playing field based on tacit site intelligence and intense site readings by means of serial design drawings and filmic observations.

This studio can work in tandem with semester3 Master studio (Riet Eeckhout + Mira Sanders):
         DRAWING ARCHITECTURE II, Situational sites, Procedural worlds


Images on this page are student work from DRAWING ARCHITECTURE studio’s of previous years