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2023… how to frame time on paper? STUDIO ESCA brings together 12 designers.

2023… how to frame time on paper?
What is a calendar? Through this question we have 12 designers from different courses and disciplines together. Each Month is designed by one designer as a reflection and vision on capturing time on paper. For sale at https://studioesca.org

Contributions by : Bert Bogaerts (interior designer, interior architecture student) * Heleen Goethals (architecture student) * Noor Naessens (architecture student) * Lauren Spaapen (Graphic design student LUCA, entrepreneur studioseptdesign) * Marieke Debacker (Interior architect, furniture design student VOMO) * Siobhán Curtis (visual arts student ncad Ireland) * Tijs Vangenechten (architecture student) * Malou Legrand (architecture student) * Septian Priyatna (Graphic designer) * Simon Boulez (architecture student) * Margot Van Saene (interior designer, branding & packaging student) * Annelies De Smet (lecturer Faculty of Architecture).
An initiative of  STUDIO ESCA with the support of ARTROOM