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PhD student Rosaura Romero on the ‘Architectural Design Justice’ studio

A new course for International Master students, Architectural Design Justice (ADJ) has evolved from the Atering practices for Urban Inclusion Elective into a Design Studio to continue to invite students into an active learning setting, facilitating their participation into the transformation of the Bodegem homeless center in Brussels. The aim of the studio is to envision alternative design process for the architectural transformation of the shelter, and for architecture-students and architect-activist involved to take on the role of ‘agents of change’ enabling design justice. The students will be involved in a Service-learning living lab, where building workshops, critical discussions, and negotiations will take place. They will work along with the inputs of the shelter’s staff, project architect Pieter Vandekerkhof from architekt-nburo, and more importantly the future inhabitants of the shelter. An experimental setting will allow students to work towards tactical architectural solutions that address current social-spatial challenges in the shelter, but also creating room to collectively include the inhabitants narratives into new visions for the future of The Bodegem Center.

Doctorate candidate and Creative Europe A-Place Project partner’s, Rosaura Romero along with supervisor Burak Pak, from research group Alt-Shift, will guide the studio as part of their research into creating the Architectural Design Justice framework, and create room for community engage learning into the architectural academic framework. The building workshops will be supported by the KU Leuven Service-Learning program and the Creative Europe A-place project.