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Interior Scholarship – AIT-Scholarship of Sto Foundation

2021/2022, for the11th time already!

All students in the discipline of interior architecture (or comparable studies such as interior design etc.) who are enrolled at a European university and are at least approaching the end of their second year may apply. The number of scholars to be supported depends on the number and quality of the submissions and is under the responsibility of the jury

Applications can be submitted until 9 July 2021!

Interior Design students | as from the end of their second year Competition area: Europe

Scholarship allowance in total: 24,000 Euros | Up to 1,000 Euros per month for one year Application deadline: 9 July 2021

In 2021/2022 talented Interior Design students will once again receive a monthly grant of up to 1,000 Euros for a period of one year (total subsidy: 24,000 Euros) to support their academic education. This Europe-wide initiative has been made possible by the financial support of the Sto Foundation.

 Interior Design studies or comparable degree courses require plenty of time and cause considerable costs. Often it is hardly possible for the students to earn the required money parallel to their studies and consequently, they are rarely able to dedicate their undivided attention and energy to their education.

Here, the scholarship wants to create scope and relieve the students economically.

It is an important task of the Sto Foundation to use financial means as an investment in the education and training of the young generation and thus in the future of our society. The Foundation together with the trade journal AIT wants to support the great talent and exemplary commitment of the students to promote the development of renowned interior designers with a great interest in experimentation and secure the progress and variety of interior design.

A jury decides upon the awarding of the scholarships. This year, the jury consists of:

Kristina Bacht | Curator AIT-ArchitekturSalons, Publishing Director, DE-Hamburg Sabine Keggenhoff | KEGGENHOFF | Partner, DE-Arnsberg-Neheim

Prof. Ralf Pasel | Pasel Künzel Architects, Representative of Sto Foundation and CODE Construction + Design, Technische Universität Berlin, DE-Berlin

Prof. Karin Sander | Technische Hochschule Rosenheim, DE-Rosenheim

Simon Ulfstedt | Scholarship holder of the Interior Scholarship 2011/2012, DE-Hamburg

All students of Interior Architecture and comparable degree courses (Interior Design, Spatial Design etc.) enrolled at a European university and at least at the end of their second year are authorized to apply for the Interior Scholarship 2021/2022. Applicants must be enrolled at a European University for architecture minimum until July 2022 to participate for funding.

The number of scholars to be supported depends on the number and quality of the submissions and is under the responsibility of the jury.

In the case of two scholars, the monthly grant will be EUR 1,000. In the case of three scholars, the monthly grant will be EUR 670. In the case of four scholars, the monthly grant will be EUR 500. In addition, all applicants receive the monthly issue of the AIT magazine free of charge for one year.

Impromptu task:

In addition to the submission of design work from the studies, the following impromptu task is to be worked on this year:

People’s Places Reclaiming public space

With society becoming increasingly virtually and socially segregated, it is particularly important to create spaces that allow spontaneous social interactions. In a lively urban space, people of diverse origins and cultural backgrounds, of various ages, and with different life experiences encounter each other directly and involuntarily. Being aware of this heterogeneous society is the first step towards recognizing it and then helping to shape it.

Develop ideas and objects as well as interventions for the temporary, partial appropriation of items or places in public space that contribute to the revitalization of the city and the creation of social identity.

Use individually well-chosen presentation techniques that are supportive of the concept, such as visualizations, model photos, collages, drawings, sketches or film sequences, to illustrate your very personal, stand-alone idea. Complement these with text.

Up to four scholars will, besides the financial support, be given the chance to present themselves by staging their own exhibition on a special area at the AIT-ArchitekturSalon or a worldwide known trade fair. All applicants also receive the AIT magazine free of charge for one year.

Applications will be accepted by 9 July 2021.

The jury session takes place in Hamburg on 6 August 2021 The Scholarship will run from August 2021 until July 2022.

For detailed information please follow https://ait-xia-dialog.de/aitdialog-stipendien/interior- scholarship/?lang=en or contact directly stipendium@ait-architektursalon.de

Press contact:

Ir. Kristina Bacht (MSc Arch)

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