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BRUSSELS/GHENT Keynote Lecture Anupama Kundoo

23 september 6.00 PM – 8.00 PM

Rethinking Materiality: Time as a Resource

Keynote Lecture by Anupama Kundoo

For all students, staff and general audience (in English)


“Architecture is the stage on which human stories are lived out.”

Anupama Kundoo graduated from University of Mumbai in 1989 and received her PhD degree from TU Berlin in 2008. Her research-oriented practice has generated people centric architecture based on spatial and material research for low environmental impact while being socio-economically beneficial. Her body of works was recently exhibited as a solo show ‘Taking Time’ at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark till 16 May 2021.  She has taught Architecture and Urban Management at various international universities strengthening her expertise in rapid urbanization and climate change related development issues, and was the Davenport Visiting Professor at Yale University in Spring 2020. She is currently Professor at Potsdam School of Architecture, Germany. She is the recipient of the 2021 RIBA Charles Jencks award for her contribution to architectural theory and 2021 Auguste Perret Prize for architectural technology.