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BRUSSELS/GHENT Engaging Architecture Debate

23 September 3.00 PM – 6.00 PM

Debate with tutors and staff of the Faculty to introduce this years’ topics and themes that are addressed in the design studios. Since 2019 the master studios are each part of an Engagement with a specific approach and attitude towards the profession.  Click here to learn more about each Engagement.

3.00 PM start and welcome by programme director Jo van den Berghe

3.15 PM  The other resident Mediating Tactics debate moderated by Thierry Berlemont with Sabrina Puddu, Jesse Honsa and Gideo Boie.

3.45 PM Ruin-Carnation, Legacy debate moderated by Marc Dujardin with Prof.dr. Patrick Devlieger, (Cultural Anthropologist, KU Leuven – Faculty of Social Sciences – Interculturalism, Migration and Minorities Research Centre), Arch. Laurens Vandewyngaerde, (Master of Conservation RLICC-KU Leuven)

“If we start living in our own ruins or waste, the concept of ruin disappears” (Milos Kosec – CANactions Festival 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYC_MsaBvw0)

4.15 PM The omission: Reserve, Craftsmanship debate moderated by Tomas Ooms, with Rachel Armstrong, Doug Allard (XDGA and Onethreefour)

A reserve in a painting is a temporarily un- finished or blank area of a painting which is surrounded by painted areas that are either partially or fully completed. Reserve is exploring the omission. Reserve embraces and nurtures the unfinished nature and state. The Reserve could refer to a gap in our knowledge. Or refer to inexplicable tacit aspects of craftship. Stretched, to describe the void, the unbuild, maybe it hints at the use of a space after it has been conceived and realised. At the same time, it suggests a leap of fate. Reserve is about how much the unsaid, the un-sketched, the un-modelled is a structural part of being a craftsperson.

4.45  PM Imagining a post-pandemic city, Urban Cultures debate moderated by Martino Tattara with Kris Scheerlinck and Constance Uyttebrouck

5.15 PM – 6.00 PM (ONLY LIVE IN BRUSSELS!) Questioning Brussels moderated by Patrick Moyersoen with Roeland Dudal (Studio Tutor), Karen Kesteloot (Studio Tutor) Mumtaaz Viaene (2nd Master student)

The Brussels urban context offers a challenging opportunity to invest metropolitan realities and reality check design proposals. From interstitial practices, urban architecture to urban development, design driven proposals by students invest the present and the future of complex cities, with Brussels as an intriguing case. The smaller scale and the location of the Brussels Campus allows an intense in- and outwards conversation regarding these issues.  The Brussels Way is shaping these exchanges and is investing the experimental possibilities of the Brussels campus as an urban lab.

5.15 PMPublic Bar in Ghent (break before the keynote lecture!)