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Reading Space, Structure, Materiality

KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture
Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels
Everyone is welcome. No registration required

Curated by Caroline Voet

Structural Contingencies
PhD Research

09h00 – 12h00 Library

-Eireen Schreurs, Material Motives as an ahistorical research approach (end 4th year)
-Laura Lievevrouw, Reading a Design Culture in Flanders in the 1960s. Spatial Lessons from Venturi (start 3rd year)
-Saar Meganck, Chroma-compositions as Spatial Medium. Layered Literary Transcriptions in Architecture (start 1st year)
-Reviewers: Denise Costanzo, Andrew Leach

Duo Key Lecture
Denise Costanzo & Andrew Leach

12h30 – 13h30 Aula

Italian Imprints on Twentieth-Century Architecture
Italian architecture has long exerted a special influence on the evolution of architectural ideas elsewhere, from the Beaux-Arts academy’s veneration of Rome, to modernist and postmodern interest in proportion, space, and ambiguity. Costanzo and Leach will reflect on this enduring phenomenon, exploring the privileged position of Italian architects, architecture, and cities in the architectural culture of the past century. What is the nature of this privilege? Starting with Robert Venturi, they offer a series of coordinates against which to ask where, how, and why the disciplinary edifice of modern architecture relied on Italian foundations, and to consider how those foundations have become insecure.

Studio Learning from Complexity and Contradiction

14h30 – 17h00 3rd floor

Tutors: Bart Hollanders, Benjamin Eggermont, Marc Macken, Fabien Van Tomme
Studio VENTURI 22-23 is a second year bachelor studio that revisits the chapters of Venturi’s Complexity and Contradiction through drawings and models. The students collect tools and methods and apply them within current architectural assignments.