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Lecture / Breg Horemans: Footprints in Motion: TAAT, (Vilnius, LI) 17/09

PhD Researcher and LAB-O lecturer Breg Horemans will give a presentation in the frame of his doctoral research on 17 September 2022 in Menų spaustuvė/ Arts Printing House (Šiltadaržio g. 6, LT 01124 Vilnius, Litouwen)

About TAAT:

TAAT is an art collective that develops ecological installations for embodied encounters between human and other-than-human entities. It is a transdisciplinary practice that moves between artistic research, social practice and collaborative learning. TAAT is currently developing a series of ‘encounter portals’ internationally: bio-based architectures that contribute to our regenerative coexistence. The practice facilitates encounters in these areas and aims to increase interconnectedness and reciprocity between humans and other-than-human entities.

About the project:

HALL09 is part of the longterm project HALL33, which is generating experiences that question or generate new ways of co-existence in our planet. TAAT’s regenerative design approach aims to restore a holistic awareness of non-human entities. This approach helps us shape the future by recognizing and enhancing biodiversity, cultural diversity and neurodiversity. TAAT is interested in how ‘performance scores’ inform their installation works. Therefor TAAT produces embodied experiences for designers, students and the general public alike. These are ‘staged embodied encounters’ that generate a critical awareness of our human-centered position in the world and propose alternative ways of coexistence.