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Expo / Pieterjan Ginckels: ‘Subversives Design’, NRW Forum Düsseldorf

1 February – 22 May 2022, Initial Can Offering 10 February 7PM.

Subversive design is critical design. It doesn’t offer any direct solutions. Instead, it questions the classical system’s status quo. The exhibition space has been transformed into a warehouse where functional shelving systems house the pieces and a robot moves through the aisles transporting products. Instead of unique artistic pieces, the group exhibition shows products by contemporary designers who deal with some of the pressing issues of our time: climate change, digitalisation, and discrimination.

Pieterjan Ginckels uses strategies of appropriation and surrender to make his way through the art world and its affiliated tech and media bubbles. Ginckels’ art projects unfold by means of corporate sponsorships and athlete-artist endorsements. Temporary flagship stores and merchandise beef up his oeuvre. At NRW Forum’s ‘Subversives Design’ exhibition, Ginckels launches NO BULL ICE. Since 2018 Ginckels develops an energy drink brand called NO BULL and unveils related sculptures in so-called ICO’s. ICO is the artist’s equivalent to the crypto scene’s Initial Coin Offering but is here tweaked to mean Initial Can Offering. In this exhibition, NO BULL not only acts as a partner brand; Ginckels also introduces its new product, NO BULL ICE, brought to the public in a performance during the opening night.

Expo @ NRW Forum Düsseldorf with: Zara Alexandrova & Zoran Georgiev, Ludwig Berger, BLESS, Liora Epstein, Jojo Gronostay (Dead White Men´s Clothes), Demna Gvasalia für Balenciaga, Pieterjan Ginckels, Vanessa Harden, Katerina Kamprani, Henri Alexander Levy (Enfants Riches Déprimés), MSCHF, Next Nature Network, PUTPUT (Stephan & Ulrik Martin Larsen), Max Siedentopf, Vaia Tatopoulou, The Internet Shop, Patricia Thoma, Anna van Eck, Sebastian Wanke.