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Talks on Invisible Care: Jan Vermeulen, Halewijn Lievens, An Fonteyne

Realizing exemplary building projects in health care, that was the aim of the Pilot Projects Invisible Care by the Flemish Government Architect. The ambitions were high. Invisibility was about merging the program of care with the urban environment, against the good old logic of separation. It was also about another typology for care facilities, against the old logic of bed houses. Thus architecture was used to proactively impact the political agenda and experiment with regulatory reform.

The master studio undertakes a retrospective at Pilot Projects Invisible Care launched in 2010 by Peter Swinnen. Now 10 years later, we take a look at the recent realizations, non-executed designs and spin-offs. The state of affairs is used to evaluate the conceptual framework of invisible care and how it changed architecture (or not). It also allows us to think about a possible follow-up pilot program focusing at caring neighborhoods and the future of care architecture in general.

Join us in the following online talks:
–    Peter Swinnen on the Pilot Projects Invisible Care Wednesday, November 10, 17:00
–    Jan Vermeulen on the Korenbloem elderly care center Wednesday, November 24, 12:00
–    Halewijn Lievens on Sint Trudo hospital, Wednesday, December 8, 17:00
–    An Fonteyne on the CODA palliative center, tba

The talks on Invisible Care are organised by the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture as part of the master studio Care Architecture, set-up by Gideon Boie.

Collaborate link: https://eu.bbcollab.com/guest/aa4f785c8b5646aca03de5c422b5e19c

Poster by Elien De Keyser