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Archipel lectures: Sugiberry & Schenk Hattori 10/06

As part of the exhibition MEANING / TRANSLATIONS and under the title UNSPOKEN, Steven Schenk and Johannes Berry present a series of dialogues with the Japanese architects Go Hasegawa, Jun Igarashi & Junya Ishigami. They discuss their work and approach to architecture and zoom in on the pavilion that Schenk and Berry built together in the garden of deSingel. It forms the springboard for a broader discussion about the fascination of the two young offices for the work of prominent Japanese architects in relation to the theme ‘Unspoken’ / ‘Unspoken’. Together with film adaptations of the pavilion by Michiel De Cleene, this creates enough material for an interactive lecture with reflections on references and use of materials.

This lecture is part of Archipel’s theme year UNSPOKEN (2020) and is a collaboration with the Flanders Architecture Institute.