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Seminar: Architecture and Health 20-21/05

Presentation of the WHO-TECHNE first year’s cooperation with the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture. 20-21/05/2021

The KU Leuven is part of the WHO’s Technical Science for Health Network (WHO-Téchne) since the summer of 2020. This network has been created as a fast response to the urgent need for technical support the WHO was facing due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Under the guidance of Koen De Wandeler, Bruno Depré, Dirk Jaspaert, and Christophe Polack, master students of the Faculty of Architecture set off with a summer school and two electives to work on Severe Acute Respiratory Infections (SARI) centers and one elective on covid-19-free local markets in the Global South. The first results of this successful collaboration will be presented. Moreover, further possibilities to gain from the profuse mix of spatial, medical and technical knowledge and skills will be discussed and explored.

Covid 19 made clear more than ever how spatial issues play a crucial role in people’s physical and mental wellbeing. From a literal design of SARI centres, hospitals, covid proof sections in refugee camps, to available space (m2) in homes, to ways to encourage to keep a 1 m distance, to spatial inequalities in urban environments on a global scope.

Michele Di Marco and Anna Silenzi, the coordinators of the WHO-Techne network will be visiting the Faculty of Architecture for two days in which they will meet and discuss with students, tutors and researchers from several faculties and departments of KU Leuven. Both days are publicly accessible via zoom.

  • See full program and links to zoom here.