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Lab-o.Club is the online platform for media, expression and positioning of the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture. You will find access to the online events that organize different courses (Live), an inspiration blog with current or acutely supplied reference material (Remote), and some thematic spaces with deeper focus and student work (Work).

  • During the SUPERVIDEOS workshop (with Lars Fischer + Pieterjan Ginckels + STUDIO SNOWFLAKE, 1-2 April) 75 students of the 3rd bachelor of the Faculty of Architecture dove into the Migrazioni exhibition about SUPERSTUDIO. Watching and reflecting together for three days. Central to the workshop is the search for positions, both those of SUPERSTUDIO and those of young makers (to be) today.
  • IN DARK MIDAIR: BROADCASTING-SHADOWCASTING OCEANS OF CARE is a layered and heaving sound environment of information, inspiration and atmosphere that takes the collective concern for an architectural culture that does not allow itself to be hijacked by visual culture, but wants to be generous with regard to space and spatial imagery through and for all senses. space and spatial imaginations by and for all senses.
  • PAMFLET: The pamphlet is an opportunity for the students to test for the first time how to communicate a statement and which strategy is best used for this. An A2 print is considered a restrictive medium. By imposing the format + medium, the student can focus on the essence of the statement. A critical reflection on both text and image is necessary. What does my pamphlet communicate to the viewer? What is the difference between the object, its visual representation and its description?