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Symposium / Reusing Churches. New Perspectives in a European Comparison

During the ‘Herrenhausen Symposium digital: Reusing Churches. New Perspectives in a European Comparisonexperts from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Great Britain will discuss the topic of church reuse for the first time in a European comparison and develop new perspectives from it.

At the center of the symposium are seven sections that discuss the topic from different perspectives. In a panel discussion, reused churches from Hanover will be presented. Two exhibitions can be visited on the conference platform, there are discussion rooms, a library and more. Integrated into the conference is the public Herrenhausen Talk, which discusses the topic in relation to Germany.

During session II doctoranda Charlotte Ardui and Professor Sven Sterken will present ‘Faith in the Periphery: Design Strategies for the Adaptive Reuse of Post-war Paris Churches in the Flemish Nebular City’.

Session I: The Perspective of Culture Studies, Ritual Studies and Theology
Session II: The Architectural and Urban Development Perspective
Session III: The Monument Protection Perspective
Session IV: The Perspective of Process Planning
Session V: The Perspective of Real Estate Business
Session VI: The Perspective of the Public
Session VII: The Perspective of the Rural Areas