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Online lecture by Ines Weizman 02/12

GOING PUBLIC Lecture Series #19
part of the Legacy engagement, curated by Gisèle Gantois

The Microhistory of Macrocartography: Modernism Across the Sykes-Picot line

Wednesday 02/12/2020, 17h30 – 19h00 ONLINE
(please register on https://bit.ly/weizman in order to receive the lecture link)

This talk will look at architecture on both sides of the infa-mous Sykes-Picot line. Based on a 1916 secret treaty be-tween the UK and France, this line partitioned the former Ottoman Empire, feeding an endless conflict since. Draw-ing upon her recently published anthology Dust & Data.

Traces of the Bauhaus across 100 Years, Ines Weizman will examine the hundred-year history of international modern-ism across the national and settler-colonial borders of the Middle East, as well as the trans-Arabian infrastructures and routes of trade or exchange that are no more.

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