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Asli Eylem Kolbas’s Master Dissertation selected for Mamut Art Project exhibition, Istanbul

Asli Eylem Kolbas’s Master Dissertation (‘Macbeth (f) Exploring the Possibilities of Polykatoikia as (Gradient) Public Interior, Master of Architecture 2019) was selected for the Mamut Art Project exhibition in Istanbul. Watch Asli’s presentation here.

Aslı Eylem Kolbaş transposes the modernist architecture movement in the first half of the 20th century with Shakespeare’s Macbeth in her series of 12 digital drawings. The setting is present-day Athens, which saw an influx of residents in the population exchange of 1923. Modernist architecture, especially Le Corbusier’s “Maison Dom-ino” model was implemented by the city to respond to the ensuing housing crisis, which encroached upon and diminished public spaces until the Second World War. The transformation has become even more pronounced today. In the story that Kolbaş creates, the transforming city becomes the setting where the affinity between capitalism and construction is recreated through typology personified in Macbeth, who appears as a woman this time. A main theme in the narrative is the authoritarian government’s desire to survey everything and take over public space. As Macbeth, who is originally a man, appears as a woman, the three witches become men, and the disaster that befalls the city is not war, but climate-related events. Kolbaş’ style in her digital sketches meanders from architectural drawing to graphic novel as it narrates a story that blends actual events with transmogrified fiction.
(Academic promotor: Tomas Ooms)