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Virtual tour and conversation: The sense of non-solicited architectural proposals 14/05

The Faculty of Architecture GOING PUBLIC series (engagement The Brussels Way) presents:

‘The sense of non-solicited architectural proposals,
18 student projects on the table’

Virtual Tour and Conversation

Thursday 14/05/2020, 17h30-18h30

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In march, in the innocence of the late pre-pandemium era, design work by 18 students was selected and edited for an exhibition that never happened. In this conversation we pick up this material and the reflections behind it, to debate it, although circumstances changed.

The specific location of our campus in Brussels, in a complex urban setting, is an asset for an architecture school. A landscape of pro­jects within the range of the campus, provoke a reflection on pos­sible futures for the city. Together they push the agenda of a com­prehensive transition of our society towards livable, future proof and inclusive neighborhoods.

Questions arise about the meaning and potential impact of student work for the urban agenda setting and the interaction between education, design practice and society.

Teachers, students, the dean and stakeholders discuss the value of student work and how to activate its impact on the societal and urban debate.

Introduction by Roeland Dudal and Patrick Moyersoen

Projects by: Lucrezia Aletto, Tereza Sirerova, Lise Vaeyens, Bjorn Vanoverberghe, Tosca Van Reymenant, Sander Despriet, Dries Van Cauter, Ludwig Vandenbergen, Christine Devadder, Zita Van Den Bosch, Martha Vanhaeverbeek, Eline Malherbe, Ani Muradyan, Wannes Deyaert, Jonathan Vanhove, Maureen Piers, Pooja Thoria, Pareli Akelian, Catalina Neira Rivera, Zeliha Ozturk and Zuzanna Jurcisinova.

Thanks to all involved tutors.

The GOING PUBLIC program of the Faculty of Architecture is a series of lectures, exhibitions and publications organized throughout the year highlighting certain themes and topics that are important within each of the 4+1 Engagements: Urban Cultures, Mediating Tactics, Craftsmanship, Legacy and the Brussels Way.