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Expo Surrender/Resistance 8/11/19


Students from the master’s studio Surrender/Resistance (tutors: Thierry Berlemont en Wim Van Der Vurst) exhibit their work at L’Escaut.

  • 8 November, 18h-22h / L’Escaut
  • Scheldenstraat 60 Rue de l’escaut 1080 Molenbeek
  • MOVIE / DOGVILLE / Tuesday 5 november 20h

Work from Albin Lindgren / Arthur De Keyser / Hena Wang / Ingy Amr Abdel Aziz / Jrawat Srbnrng / Jef De Saedeleer / Marc Ayoub / Mahdi Ghotbi / Majid Gharibian Lavasani / Maxime Berets / Selen Sürmeli / Selin Buyuktasci / Sandrik Vizarraga Pavloff / Sandro Armanda / Quinten Malfait / Yasmine Elena Homan

Surrender/Resistance is the name for an architectural design studio that aims at a critical reflection on and for architecture. It proposes both an environment and a process of re-orientation and recalibration to first master students. The conceptual action-space is defined by the ambivalent relationship-pair Surrender/Resistance, and their apparent contradiction. During this year’s edition, the field of tension in-between both, is explored and questioned from the perspective of an additional underpinning statement: ‘architecture is an abstraction made real, a model of thought that is reified’.
How can this be understood? Can another statement like ‘How do you have a civil society if you can’t agree on what factual reality is?’2 be a first connection? Is reality something factual and objective, or is it a construct, like the models of thought made for it, and about it? Do we need to negotiate and find a concensus about the real? The compelling construction of the (hi)story of the Lascaux cave, and the production of several ‘real’ clones, induces questions concerning what can be understood as real. What are possible implications of the concept ‘real’ for architecture, and how can we use architecture to make sense of it? In other words, how can we get into the real’s back?