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OVERSIZE Charleroi #2


Promotor: Harold Fallon


OVERSIZE is about buildings that are too large in regard of current or planned uses.
Buildings that are beautiful, yet neglected.
These buildings appear to be underused.
How can OVERSIZE be transformed into a new quality?

OVERSIZE is not really about programming, but about enabling. It is about real buildings, about structures, about construction.
About strategies: the scale of the building, and the scale of the city.
OVERSIZE does not ask what can be done in a building.
It asks what the building can do for the use, and for the city.

Photo left: Palais des Expositions de Charleroi


CHARLEROI is a city that is too large in regard of current uses.
A city that has its odd beauty, incredible buildings and infrastructures.
The city is in the process of being renewed : lots of constructions and demolitions.
Can OVERSIZE mean another vision on the city?

CHARLEROI is a modern city, from 1900 until late 1970.
Leborgne, Yernaux, Depelsenaire, Laurent, Bourgeois, André.


(Société Générale de Banque, Charleroi)


Oversize Charleroi is an academic design office, working together with ULiège, ULB, UCL. After three years, a publication, an exhibition. To be defined.
It is also an elective (Conjectural Charleroi)
It is also about pragmatism and ambition. Real Politik and utopia.
It is about time to question energy, environment, use, construction, society, architecture.


(Garage du Moulin, Charleroi)

Some Literature

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HQE (les renards du temple)


(Abbaye de Soleilmont, Fleurus)