Going Public lecture #23 by Álbio Nascimento & Kathi Stertzig – The Home Project 04/03

Introduction leaflet (pdf) Thierry Lagrange will introduce our next guests for the ‘Going Public’ lecture #23, part of the Craftsmanship engagement, curated by Tomas Ooms. ÁLBIO NASCIMENTO & KATHI STERTZIG – THE HOME PROJECT Why invent what’s already been invented? About design in context or how to engage with situated craft practices. Everyone is welcome […]


New design studio website: The Act of Building – on circular materials and processes

Climate mitigation requires a new attitude to materials and innovation in ecological and environmental engineering. In order to have a positive impact on our society, architects need to intervene beyond the narrow definition of the professional who designs and controls the execution of buildings. Hence, the design studio ‘On circular materials and processes’ of Catherine […]


Going Public lecture #25 by Lennert Loos (18/03)

Laurens Luyten will introduce our next guest for the Going Public lecture #25, part of the Craftsmanship engagement, curated by Tomas Ooms. Lennert Loos WHO WILL DO THE JOB? Computational design is now firmly embedded in architectural design practices. Assuming that computers can handle complexity better than we can: when will the moment come when […]


Out now: LucAs – Architecture book #3 The Eugeen-Tanja Selection

LucAs Architecture books is a series of bilingual (nl/en) publications celebrating the architecture project, and more precisely the architec­ture project of the student. The books consist of a selection of stu­dent architecture work extracted trom last year’s architecture studies at KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Sint Lucas Ghent and Brussels campuses. As in the two […]


21 Belgian projects nominated for Mies van der Rohe Award 2022

The European Commission and the Fundació Mies van der Rohe announced the first list of 449 works competing for the 2022 EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award. The majority of the 21 Belgian projects in this selection have an educational or cultural purpose. Discover the list with Belgian projects on […]


Concéntrico 07 – Open Calls…

Concéntrico: International Festival of Architecture and Design Concéntrico 07 – Open Calls International Architecture and Design Festival Application deadline: March 11, 2021 Instagram / Vimeo / Facebook / Twitter Concéntrico, the Logroño (Spain) International Architecture and Design Festival, seeks to reflect on the urban environment and the city through different formats of architectural and […]


Architecture for the future – Landscapes of Care..

The call for ideas for 2021 Landscapes of Care publishes its results. Along with the other members of the pan-European platform of museums, festivals and architecture promoters Future Architecture Platform, they celebrate the great success represented by the response of 900 applicants from 63 different countries. A total of 457 very interesting proposals that raise new ideas that not only […]


Lien De Saegher now also wins the VRP thesis prize!

In December, Lien De Saegher already won the Klasse Award in the context of the Flemish Thesis Prize with her master’s dissertation (master in Urban and Regional Planning – Faculty of Architecture). Now she has also won the thesis prize of the Flemish Association for Spatial Planning (VRP). Here the assessment by the jury. “In […]


Pascal De Decker: ‘Wonen komt in debat over vergrijzing niet aan bod’

‘Het woonbeleid is niet bezig met ouderen en het ouderenbeleid niet met wonen. En geen van beide is bezig met ruimtelijke ordening, terwijl de plaats waar je woont er wel toe doet’, zegt professor Pascal De Decker. Lees het artikel hier. Photo by Christian Langballe on Unsplash


Lien De Saegher wins Klasse Award 2020

Lien De Saegher graduated last academic year from the Faculty of Architecture’s Master’s program in Urbanism and Spatial Planning. On December 16th 2020, she won the Klasse Award, a partial prize of the Flemish Thesis Prize. The editors of Klasse, the multimedia communication platform for education in Flanders, want to raise more attention to valuable […]


New book: Luc Deleu & T.O.P. office. Future Plans 1970-2020

[NL] Het Vlaams Architectuurinstituut presenteert het boek Luc Deleu & T.O.P. office. Future Plans 1970-2020, een uniek tijdsdocument van een buitengewoon eigenzinnig ontwerpbureau. Redacteur Peter Swinnen bladert samen met Luc Deleu door 63 projecten uit de afgelopen 50 jaar met de commentaar van 44 auteurs. You Tube Live, vandaag 3/12, 20u! Meer informatie: [EN] […]


Suzan Vercaempst and Behar Neziraj win honorable mentions Van Hove Award.

Congratulations to our graduates Suzan VERCAEMPST (A house for the mind) and Behar NEZIRAJ (Obscure productions – Unveiling the Stuttgart industrial image) on winning the honorable mentions of the Van Hove Award! Also among the faculty’s nominees: Iulia ILIE (Architectures of Transition), Alonso VAN OORSCHOT (Loods 26_Productive Urban Hub), Rita ROZNAR (No-Longer / Not-yet, Temporary […]



In Fall 2020, the Flanders Architecture Institute will be exhibiting the work of two young architectural firms with offices in both Belgium and Japan as part of the Back from Japan theme. SUGIBERRY, founded by Mayu Takasugi and Johannes Berry (2016), works out of both Brussels and Tokyo. Schenk Hattori works out of both Antwerp […]


Asli Eylem Kolbas’s Master Dissertation @ Mamut Art Project, Istanbul

Asli Eylem Kolbas’s Master Dissertation (‘Macbeth (f) Exploring the Possibilities of Polykatoikia as (Gradient) Public Interior, Master of Architecture 2019) was selected for the Mamut Art Project exhibition in Istanbul. Watch Asli’s presentation here. Aslı Eylem Kolbaş transposes the modernist architecture movement in the first half of the 20th century with Shakespeare’s Macbeth in her series of […]


Woonbox Project designed by KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture researchers and students getting realized

In collaboration with Samenlevingsopbouw Brussel, Vandereyt construction company and KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture researchers and students have designed a temporary housing concept project which is currently getting realized in Molenbeek. The co-design for the pilot setup was made last year by student Vitor Breder as part of the ELB2 elective “Altering Practices for Urban […]


Urban Cultures lunch seminars 22/10 – 10/12

Everyone is welcome to join the webinars organised in the frame of the Faculty of Architecture’s ‘Urban Cultures’ engagement. Coordination by Martino Tattara. All lectures via Zoom. Please find the links below. (Poster, Facebook event) 22 October 2020, 12.00 JULIO ARROYO (introduction by Martino Tattara & Cecilia Chiappini) Contemporary urban processes in Buenos Aires in […]


Justin Dirkx and Frank Alonso Van Oorschot’s graduation projects submitted for Archiprix 2021.

Justin Dirkx and Frank Alonso Van Oorschot‘s graduation projects have been submitted for the Archiprix International biennial competition. Congratulations!!! Explore the projects: Justin Dirkx: MMXX Millennial Perspectives: Brussels’ Square for Millennials (Architectural Appetite, The Autonomy of the Millennial Architect and Brussels’ Square for Millennials) (tutors Hugo Vanneste and Carl Bourgeois) Frank Alonso Van Oorschot: Productive […]


Three graduation projects selected for We are the next generation

The graduation projects of Camille Vanden Avenne: ‘De vlucht naar een veilig(e) (t)huis)’ (studio by Stefanie Everaert, Caroline Lateur & Fredie Floré), Anneleen Brandt & Sébastien Ronchetti: ‘Buenos Aires UNLOCKED’ (studio by Cecilia Chiappini) and Alexander Antonio Auris Gonzales: ‘Safe spaces for everyone’ (studio by Burak Pak and Hülya Ertaş) have been selected for We […]




Afgestudeerd in stedenbouw en ruimtelijke planning, Campus Sint-Lucas Gent.

Academiejaar 2019-2020


Argjirë Krasniqi’s thesis selected for the Kosovar entry for the 2020 Venice Biennale.

“Having barely posted the announcement of Katarzyna (Kasia) MALINOWSKA’s award, I am pleased to share the news that yet another of the top students graduating from the arCsusLab design studio (2019-2020), has been honored recently in a special way. Argjirë Krasniqi’s Master Dissertation was selected for the Kosovar entry for the 2020 Biennale of Venice: […]


Katarzyna Malinowska’s thesis receives honorable mention in ATY 2020 competition.

“I am honored to announce that the Master Dissertation of Katarzyna (Kasia) MALINOWSKA, one of my former top students has been awarded with an ‘Honorable Mention’ in an international architecture competition.” The ‘Architecture Thesis of the Year | ATY 2020’ is an international architecture thesis competition organized by the Charette. The aim of the competition […]


Wim Goes & Volkmar Mühleis: Reverse Perspective

New book / Reverse Perspective – Wim Goes & Volkmar Mühleis REVERSE PERSPECTIVE presents practice-based architectural, art historical and philosophical research on presence via images, buildings, and texts. Therefore, the Belgian architect Wim Goes explores three of his main projects: the Yohji Yamamoto Boutique Antwerp, the Royal Belgian Sailing Club and Refuge II. In conversation […]