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Our Mission



Mission statement in 6 verbs

  • TRANSFORMING … existing realities into meaningful interiors is fundamental. We recognize the quality of existing places by cherishing them, reorganizing them critically and improving them by intervening intelligently.
  • DESIGNING … makes up the essence of our educational program: imagining, expressing and realizing an interior that has become something else and/or better. In so doing we consider the interior not as a final product but as a circularprocess.
  • CONDUCTION RESARCH generates alternative ways to consider interior architecture. By integrating theoretical stances and different practices, we broaden our vision upon the built and unbuilt reality.
  • QUESTIONING interior architecture as a framework that provides solutions for esthetical excellence. Instead, we want to raise awareness of ethical imperatives: should the interior architect accept pre-formed templates for attaining complex issues such as authenticity?
  • FORMING PEOPLE is our main mission as we appreciate apprentices as self-critical, dynamic and solidary beings. Our pedagogical scope adheresto the notion of personal transformation.
  • ANTICIPATING MEANINGFULLY, instead of bluntly preparing pupils for the labor market. We believe in Interior Architecture as a platform to emancipate the weaker into stronger ones.


 Picture: Lien Van der Jeugt, Master’s thesis ‘Fictious Reality’ 2017