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AOB/MASTER: on continuity & identity


With our research and building practise, we aim to safeguard and reactivate ancestral knowledge and wisdom as a generator of meaning in a globalised, but superdiverse world. Creating physical spaces in remote rural area’s momentarily under stress is our core activity.

As architects we are essentially dealing with material culture and feel the need to activate and invigorate the often intangible and ineffable elements of local traditions, rather than collecting, inventorying and exhibiting buildings, styles and objects in an aim to safeguard the memory of traditional and sustainable ways. We therefore believe that it is precisely the continuity of a living tradition that identifies people and creates a sense of belonging.

Our projects are embedded in the master: on continuity & identity. We travel each year with our students to one of the projects we are working on. Their master project then results in new ideas and designs for these often, complex realities.

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