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Project input and philosophy:

We aim for a future campus as an oasis of urbanity, open to the public beyond its educational goal. We propose the future complex to work as a piece of urban fabric. The scale of the existing complex is large and offers the possibility to use the building for a public space that is not only the center of the school, but also an urban space of very high quality used by students and citizens. Instead of creating a large building with an internal space designed exclusively for the students. Our proposal is to break open and make contact with the buildings around a public space. By doing this, we make continuity possible between the city and the school, instead of building the school as an entity that is independent of the city. The university must become an open forum for the exchange of knowledge, not necessarily limited to academics, but open to citizens, because knowledge becomes a more integral part of society.

For this assignment students undertook a trip as a reporter to the Venice Biennale. The biggest challenge for the student remains ‘implementation’. Developing and substantiating a personal vision, processing a larger scale and complexity and dealing with various aspects of an assignment at the same time means that the student faces an assignment, both in group and individually, that he/she can partly complete and as a result can be experienced as very fascinating and educational … The student who succeeds in this, shows a certain maturity.

Stefan Berteloot