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Expo / Lampe GRAS


New exhibition displaying a selection of original pieces, archives and publishing about Lampe Gras, conceived by Bernard-Albin Gras and first produced in 1921.
From January 24th to February 24th 2019
In collaboration with Teisso Gallery

Atelier Jespers ·
Erfprinslaan 149 Avenue du Prince Héritier, 1200 Brussels

Over time Lampe Gras has inspired many interpretations and imitations, particularly by members of the Bauhaus movement who were fascinated by this talisman of modernity. But it was Le Corbusier who gave the lamp its particular aura, upon seeing it remarking that it was a «useful object» reduced to pure functionality.
It became the lighting system that illuminated the master’s offices and much of his most famous architectural work.
Later on, great designers and artists of the avant-garde such as Robert Mallet-Stevens, Eileen Gray, Michel Roux-Spitz, Saunia Delaunay, Georges Braque adopted the lamp as their own and contributed to the legend.

Created in 1999, the Galerie Teisso — Didier Teissonnière oriented his research from early 2000 on the lamp Gras. Representing modernity, Lamp Gras is the last object of the twentieth century associated with the distinguished names of modernism, such as Robert Mallet-Stevens or Le Corbusier, who considered it as a “typical object”. The Belgians Gaston Eysselinck and Huib Hoste have also chosen it to decorate the house of De Waele in Ghent in 1933.

The Galerie Teisso published at Editions Norma their first book on Lamp Gras in 2008. And they published “Le Corbusier et la lampe Gras” in 2015 with the preface of Antoine Picon — President of the Foundation Le Corbusier — and the architect Arthur Rüegg.

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